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reinforcing bars 
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The Foundry offers the following products:
  • Manhole hatches for telephone ductwork ГОСТ 8591 (GOST 8591).
  • Round iron hatches for installation on the telephone ductwork manholes of type T - heavy-weight hatch for installation on the street-ways and road-ways; and Л - light-weight hatch for installation on the foot-ways. The average service life of the hatches is minimum 20 years.
  • Mooring posts ГОСТ 17424 (GOST 17424) of types TCO for installation on the berthing structures. The posts are made of iron Grade СЧ 20 ГОСТ 1412 (GOST 1412). The average service life of the mooring posts is minimum 25 years.
  • Yacht keels of iron, weight 1025 - 1035 kg, length 3550 mm, width 200 mm, height 380 mm. Made of iron Grade СЧ 15 ГОСТ 1412 (GOST 1412) to customer drawings.
  • Bells of bronze and steel.
Other types of castings made of iron, steel, bronze and brass can also be produced.