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Joint Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs informs that the company has
received decision No.C20261213 of 27.05.2013 of Liepaja Court, with which
Liepaja Court has decided to initiate proceedings on the legal protection
of Joint Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs defining that the legal
protection implementation plan is to be agreed till 26.07.2013.

At this moment Joint Stock Company Liepajas Metalurgs is beginning
preparation of the legal protection implementation plan, which is to be
agreed with the secured creditors, the main claims of which form in total
2/3 of the overall secured amount of the creditors claims, and with those
unsecured creditors whose main claims form in total 1/2 of the overall
unsecured amount of the creditors claims.
2013-05-28 13:09:49