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Invitation to the Tender

 Invitation to the Tender.

1. Recipient of the financing: JSC "Liepajas Metalurgs".
Tax payer registration Nr.: 40003014197.
Legal address: Brivibas street 93, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia.
Phone: +371 63455921, fax: +371 63455044.
Mr. Janis Bormanis
Vice Chairman of the Council, Finance
Phone: +371 63455259
Fax: +371 63455061
e-mail: bormanis@metalurgs.lv
Mr. Andrew Kolesin
Vice Chairman of the Council, Finance
Phone: +371 63455287
Fax: +371 63455268
e-mail: kolesin@metalurgs.lv
2. Subject of the Tender:
Attraction of the long-term loan in amount of EUR 160000000,- (one hundred sixty million euro) for a 10-year period for funding of long-term investments for the JSC Liepājas Metalurgs factory modernization project.
3. Prospective place of contract performance: Brivibas street 93, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia.
Expected contract completion (issuance of the principal) date: 31.10.2011.
4. Pricing formation parameters:
Fixed part of interest rate for financing (loan) usage.
Penalty interest for delayed payments.
5. Requirements for the presentation of the offer:
According to the regulations of the open tender About attraction of long-term financing (loan) for modernization programme.
6. Offers should be submitted: Brivibas street 93, Liepaja before: 19.06.2009 at. 11:00
Offer validity period: up to 16.10.2009.
7. The technical description of the tender and other documentation may be found:
JSC Liepajas Metalurgs, Brivibas street 93, Liepaja from 30.04.2009 to 19.06.2009, from 9:00 to 16:00.
8. Other information:
Date of the public announcement of the tender: 30.04.2009.

2009-05-13 12:32:51